How To Drive Additional Sales Via Marketing Alliances

Reach out to businesses in your town or City that target the same type of customer. For example – if you own an auto repair shop reach out to Auto Dealerships. Likewise, if you own a hair salon reach out to cosmetic/beauty shops. The alliance may take the form of an endorsement or a simple cross promotion.

  • Auto Dealership & Auto Repair Shop  – Dealership can offer its customers 50% Off Oil Change coupon from the auto repair shop. Similarly, the auto repair shop will recommend the dealership to any of its customers in need of a new car.
  • Hail Salon & Cosmetic/beauty Shop – both businesses can cross-promote each other’s coupons.

Execution Plan

1) Determine prospective alliances both within and outside your customer base.

2) Meet with potential alliance prospects and set up working alliances.

3) Create cross-promotion coupons.

4) Run promotion.

Here is an example of an alliance between Amazon & Atom Movie Ticket

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