Do You Have An Irresistible Offer?

According to Mark Joyner an irresistible offer as an offer with a high ROI, that’s believable, & provides the following info:

  1. Here is what we are selling.
  2. Here is how much it will cost.
  3. Here is what’s in for you.
  4. Here is why you should trust us.

In short, your offer should say to your customers/prospects: “Here is a Deal, so GREAT that you’d be a FOOL to pass it up”.

A long time ago, Domino Pizza had an Ad that said – Fresh Hot Pizza in 30 mins or less, or its FREE. Back then nobody was offering pizza delivery that quick, it was truly an irresistible offer for Pizza lovers.

So ask yourself: Are your product offers compelling enough to capture the undivided attention of your ideal customers?

Author: Chris Ogunor

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