I first came across this strategy from a lady called Monica, she made over $๐Ÿ๐ฆ๐ข๐ฅ๐ฅ๐ข๐จ๐ง in GCI in a year with this strategy. I thought the strategy was brilliant. Thatโ€™s why I decided to create a script based on her Door Knocking Strategy.

Doing door knocking can be scary but with the right script, it makes things a bit easier. Next time youโ€™re in front of a potential seller or farming a neighborhood, use the script below.

What makes this script work is how it psychologically(hypnotically) disarms the homeownerโ€™s sales resistance (lowers their guard) with a simple question. It also unconsciously forces them to pause and honestly think about selling their home. It helps you quickly weed out homeowners that are considering selling their home from those that have no intention of doing so. Iโ€™ve created this script based on what worked for Monica, and it will work for you.

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The headline is the single most important piece of copy you will write for all your marketing campaigns. The headline of your Ads has a second to capture your audience scattered attention. Every marketing campaign begins with the HEADLINE. Itโ€™s the most vital part of every marketing campaign. This means that the headline should arouse a burning curiosity within your prospects & customers mind, in a way that they cannot continue with their lives until they’ve read or listened to your sales pitch or content. Your headline must magnetically glue your ideal prospects eyeball/eardrum towards reading/listening to everything you got to say about your product or service. Regardless of what you might think of them, Gossip magazines like national enquirer have mastered the craft of writing captivating headlines.

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Reach out to businesses in your town or City that target the same type of customer. For example – if you own an auto repair shop reach out to Auto Dealerships. Likewise, if you own a hair salon reach out to cosmetic/beauty shops. The alliance may take the form of an endorsement or a simple cross promotion.

  • Auto Dealership & Auto Repair Shop  – Dealership can offer its customers 50% Off Oil Change coupon from the auto repair shop. Similarly, the auto repair shop will recommend the dealership to any of its customers in need of a new car.
  • Hail Salon & Cosmetic/beauty Shop – both businesses can cross-promote each other’s coupons.
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Here are my top 10 things to remember about your prospects/customers when creating or selling your products.

  1. People buy from peoples they Know, Like and Trust.
  2. Most people wonโ€™t pay a penny to prevent a problem or illness but will empty their savings to fix the problem.  In other words, Sell Solutions.
  3. People respond strongly to the following:  Fear, Time, Pain, Happiness, Trust, Instant Gratification, Competition, and Power. Remember this when crafting your Ads. For instance, if you sell home security equipment use Fear (the fear of burglars), and if you are a drug company use Time (our pain reliever starts working within minutes).
  4. The fastest and probably the easiest way to Bond with Anybody is to Find a Common Ground. Once you have bonded with your customers, it is easier to sell to them.
  5. People like to be treated with Respect. So make your customers feel special regardless of their gender, age, or ethnicity, and they will always look forward to doing business with you.
  6. Pitch with Logic but Sell with Emotion. According to Zig Ziglar “people don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.”
  7. Sell Yourself before you attempt to sell your product because people are skeptical.
  8. People Hate being Sold to. So donโ€™t try selling to your prospects in the first minute.
  9. Curiosity is Inherently Built into Humans. Thus, add some elements of it in your Ad.
  10. Cover All the Bases in your sales pitch. People are not as smart as you may think, they need all the info you can provide to help them make their purchase decision.
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1. Where/How can I get fresh supply of new customers?

Solution: Expand your reach/audience via offline and online marketing platform.

2. What additional service(s) or product(s) can I sell to my existing customers.

Solution: For example, if you only prepared your client taxes, consider providing tax and estate planning services.

3. What add-on product/service can I bundle with my core product?

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