5 Essential Apps/Analytical Tools Every Business Needs

# 1. Email Marketing App (like MailChimpGetResponseAweberMarketo, etc): Email marketing in comparison to other marketing channels has the highest return on investment. A study by Direct Marketing Association was conducted to find out the effectiveness of various types of marketing; Email marketing was declared the clear winner, with a return of investment of around 41 to 1.

#2Hootsuite: Helps you manage all your social media content in one place, from prospecting to managing and scheduling your social posts.

#3Google Analytics: Whatever your industry (travel, automotive, healthcare, finance, etc) Google Analytics can help you get a deeper understanding of your customers, so that you can deliver better experiences.

#4BuzzSumo: Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Alternatively, use it to find key influencers to promote your content/product/service.

#5SurveyMonkey: is one of the most popular free online survey tools. Got a question for your customers or employees? Survey monkey can help, you can find out exactly what your customers want, need, and expect.

Author: Chris O.

PS: Are you currently marketing to your prospects/customers via email?
This is by far the cheapest and most rewarding way to market your products/services. It cost you literally nothing to market via email after you set it up. Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, Walmart, and most Fortune 500 company you know is utilizing email marketing. What’s your reason for not making use of it?

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