4 Important Questions Every Growth Seeking Business Owner needs to Answer

1. Where/How can I get fresh supply of new customers?

Solution: Expand your reach/audience via offline and online marketing platform.

2. What additional service(s) or product(s) can I sell to my existing customers.

Solution: For example, if you only prepared your client taxes, consider providing tax and estate planning services.

3. What add-on product/service can I bundle with my core product?

Solution: If your product requires additional setup, regardless of the effort required, you should consider providing that service. For instance, when you buy a Flat Screen TV from Best Buy, they will offer to mount the TV on your wall for an additional fee. This is the best way to increase your Average Order Value (AOV).

4. How can I optimize my sales process?

Solution: Kill any sales process with a low return on investment. In other words, get rid of any sales process (including entire marketing campaign) that is not profitable or breaking even. Nonetheless, you should double down on any sales process with a high return in investment.

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Author: Chris Ogunor

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