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Let Every Marketing Penny Count

You no longer have to depend on “hope it works” marketing tactics; no more playing roulette with their marketing budget. We are no longer in the eighteenth century. Thus, business owners should “STOP” marketing their products/services using “old school” marketing strategies that are akin to gambling in Las Vegas. Generate more sales by Not marketing your products and services to people that aren’t interested in what you’re selling (like trying to sell viagra to a teenager). Most businesses do this unintentionally.

Our unique twenty-first century approach to marketing is all about behavior-based (high intent), data-driven, and laser targeted advertising. We do this by using a host of tools that enable us to physically/digitally tag and advertise to your ideal prospects based on where they live, type of mobile device they use, what they’re looking for online, past purchases, interests/hobby, job experience, education, income, gender, just to name a few. For instance, this will enable a mortgage broker to precisely target only renters or people currently thinking of buying a house. It will also enable chiropractors to advertise only to their ideal customers (people most likely to have issues with their back, joints, muscles, spine, etc) and also live within driving distance from their office. This level of targeted advertising can be utilized by Financial Advisors, Remodelers, Dentist, Attorneys, Real Estate Agent, Accountants, Coaches, Insurance Brokers, and related companies.

Ultimately, you will maximize every penny spent on marketing your products/services by only showing your promotion to people more likely to be your customer. We can even take this a step further by legally tagging and advertising to people visiting your competitor brick and mortar stores. Some of your tech-savvy competitors are probably targeting your customers using this approach. As crazy as it may sound, this level of targeted advertising is possible thanks to the vast amount of data being collected by credit card companies, ISPs, and social networks. By the way, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Business owners can now reach their customers/prospects at the right time (when they’re ready) with laser precision through our behavior-based, data-driven, sales prospecting system. This level of precision is usually only available to big corporations with a dedicated marketing department with a huge marketing budget.

Our unique approach to marketing and selling your product/services starts by conducting a diagnostic analysis of your current marketing asset. Analyzing your current marketing assets enables us to uncover hidden sales and growth opportunities within your business. It also helps us understand who your customers are, which enables us to find more of them. After the diagnostic analysis, we will create a tailor-made behavior-based, data-driven marketing campaign that will increase your sales in a predictable fashion.

𝐖𝐡at Does This Mean For Your Business?

  • You Can Now Attract & Qualify High Intent (serious) Leads on Auto-pilot.
  • Increase your odds of having a Successful Marketing Campaign.
  • Increase your Sales by Making Your Sales Process More Efficient and Dynamic.
  • Lower your Customer Acquisition Cost.
  • You Now Have a Hassle-Free Way to Follow-up with Prospects/Customers.
  • Make your Marketing Campaigns Fully Trackable.
  • And Much More.

Who We Serve: Mortgage Brokers/Lenders, Financial Advisors, Investment manager, Remodelers, Dentist, Chiropractor,  Attorneys, Real Estate Agent, Accountants, Coaches, Insurance Brokers, Consultant, and related companies.

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