The Subscriber Pulling Landing Page

You will find there are many ways to create a large subscriber list. As you know, one way you can create a great list is by creating a solid landing page. Let us look at the landing page more deeply now however, so you understand how to design the best landing page possible.A good landing page will, as we mentioned, offer visitors a free gift of some kind. Everyone wants a free gift. The key here is offering something that has value for the customer. If you are selling beauty products and you offer your customer a free shoe, why would they want to opt in to your list?
But, if you offer them a sample of your finest moisturizing lotion, there is a very strong possibility they will opt in to your list.
Aside from offering something free, you must have your landing page professionally written. A good landing page is much like a sales letter. While you may be looking for subscribers at first and not a hard sale, you should have a page that is good enough to entice your visitors to offer their email addresses.
You also want your web page to look good, so if you have to, hire a god web designer to help you build a good looking web page.

Good landing pages have some key features:
  • Eye catching headline that grabs your visitor’s attention instantly and compels them to read on. Many refer to this as the hook. Does your headline have a hook? If not, work on it. You may find you have to test a few headlines to find out which one pulls in the most people.
  • Brief introduction. Tell your customer who you are and what you are offering them. Don’t forget to list the benefits of what you have to offer. You can do this using a simple bulleted list.
  • An offer, whether you are offering a free product, newsletter or guide in exchange for an email address.
  • You shouldn’t have any links on your opt-in page (except for links to your privacy policy and other disclaimers) so your visitor is not distracted and freely offers their information.
  • A reminder that your visitor is receiving something free, that there is no charge, no risk and nothing to lose (provided you offer something free as one of your tactics to build your list).
  • A privacy statement to assure your visitors you will keep their information personal and private. Many visitors will not enter their information unless they know their information will be kept private and confidential.
  • Include your handwritten signature, which again builds trust and a personal experience for your visitor. Make sure when you include your signature it is legible. Signatures that are not legible usually suggest the author has something to hide.
  • Make your free product offer look as professional as possible. Consider getting an eCover for it even if it is free, so your customers assume the free gift or product is worthwhile.
  • When you design a simple web page in this fashion, you have a very high possibility of transforming customers into subscribers. You may find up to 80% of visitors subscribe when you create a great landing page.

    And, if you are not good at web design or even writing, contract others to do the work for you. Just go to and you’ll find hundreds of people capable of setting up your page at a reasonable price.