A  “Direct Response” Ad solicits an immediate response/action from your prospects or customers. The response/action you are soliciting could be for the prospect or customer to place an order, call a number or simply visit your website to get more info regarding the product/service mentioned in your Ad. The Ad is either getting the desired amount of conversions (orders, calls, etc) or not, and you cut it. All the product sold on QVC (or on informercials) make use of Direct Response Ads.

The main reason all your Ad need to solicit a response is to psychologically nudge the prospect or customer into taking a measurable action.  This makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of your Ad.

A good direct response Ad will begin generating sales or whatever response you are soliciting within minutes of running the Ad, depending on what medium your Ad is running on. For infomercial or QVC Ads, the order starts coming in almost immediately.

A bad Direct Response Ads will get little to no response (no sales, no inbound calls, etc), which means you should stop spending more money on that Ad. Do your business a favor, only run Direct Response Ads.

Author: Chris Ogunor