Quick Tip For B2B Businesses

How to Get a Boatload of Fresh Leads (for Free)

Let’s cut to the chase, B2B Endorsement is the fastest way to grow your business with little or no money needed. In fact, in nearly all cases all it takes is a simple handshake. The reason this strategy is so effective is because you are leveraging someone else customer base. Secondly, the risk is negligible, and it is very easy to setup. In addition, the profit potential is limitless and almost instantaneous. This is why Fortune 500 companies are always looking for someone or company to endorse their products/services. In other words, if you have been looking for a shortcut to success (or a way to rapidly increase your sales volume/ customer base), all you need to do is have other businesses endorse your products or services. Here is how to do this in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Find businesses that will benefit from referring your services to their customers. The best place to look for them is within your list of customers. Here are a few examples in relation to an Accounting Firm:

Example 1: Let’s assume you have a Car Dealership as one of your customer; you can enable the dealership offer a free hour of Tax consultation to their customers (especially the ones leasing). The aim of the consultation is to educate them on possible tax savings in relation to their newly leased vehicle. Think of the free consultation as your foot-in-the-door.

Example 2: You can offer the business owners in your customer base a $50 digital gift card to share with their customers, friends and family. The gift card can be spent towards any of your services: Tax preparation, Tax planning, Advisory, etc. This is also a good foot-in-the-door offer.

Step 2

Contact them either in person, phone call, email, or via direct mail. If you hate writing or not sure of the right way to ask for the endorsement, let me know; I will email you a well written sample letter. Email: [email protected].

Step 3

Close the deal. In most cases you will need to answer the “what’s in for me question” before the other business will accept to endorse your business to his/her customer base. If you chose the right business to work with (step 1) closing the deal should be relatively easy to do.
Next Step: Take Action… Start finding these businesses. Start with your list customers.
If you need help coming up with promotional ideas let me know. Lastly, don’t hesitate to tell me about your success (I’m anxiously awaiting). GOOD LUCK!!


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