Million Dollar Door Knocking Strategy For Realtors!!

I first came across this strategy from a lady called Monica, she made over $𝟏𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧 in GCI in a year with this strategy. I thought the strategy was brilliant. That’s why I decided to create a script based on her Door Knocking Strategy.

Doing door knocking can be scary but with the right script, it makes things a bit easier. Next time you’re in front of a potential seller or farming a neighborhood, use the script below.

What makes this script work is how it psychologically(hypnotically) disarms the homeowner’s sales resistance (lowers their guard) with a simple question. It also unconsciously forces them to pause and honestly think about selling their home. It helps you quickly weed out homeowners that are considering selling their home from those that have no intention of doing so. I’ve created this script based on what worked for Monica, and it will work for you.


Scenario: Find comparable homes within a quarter mile of a recently sold home. It doesn’t matter if you sold the house or had anything to do with it. Just make sure that the home was sold at or above the market value.

You: Hi… sorry to bother you this morning/afternoon/evening… my name is <insert your name > and I was wondering if you know that your neighbor down the street just sold his house for a ridiculous amount of money<insert price of recently sold home>. 

Seller: NO/Okay!/what does that have to do with me <it doesn’t matter what they say>

You: That’s a really good price… I suspect there are lots of people looking to buy a house in this neighborhood… 

So, let me ask you <pause for 2 seconds> for the right price <pause for 1 second> would you consider selling your house? <shut your mouth and wait for an answer. By the way, the short pauses will make the homeowner pay more attention to you>

If he/she is not interested in selling. Thank them for their time, give them your business card and say to them, “let me know if you ever change your mind”. Don’t forget to ask for their phone number. Call them 4 – 6 weeks to see if they’ve changed their minds.

Follow-up Call Script:

Hi <homeowner’s name>, we spoke a few weeks ago about your house… I was wondering if you’ve had time to think about our discussion and might be open to selling your house for the right price?

Now, if they said “Yes” either in the initial meeting or during the follow-up call. Ask them if they have a price in mind. Regardless of what price they say (no matter how insane it might sound). Tell them “Okay… I will get back to you later today or first thing tomorrow morning. Let me talk to a few people, to see if I can get you that money” Thank them for their time, collect their mobile phone number.

Run your CMA or talk to your colleagues about what they think you can get for the house. Call the homeowner and present your findings using the script below, if your CMA is in line with the homeowner’s asking price:

You: Hi, <homeowner name>, its’ <insert your name>, we spoke yesterday (or this morning) regarding your house.

Homeowner: yeah…

You: I can definitely get you the money you want for your house <insert asking price>. 

How soon do you want the money? <use this question to get the homeowner to list the house with you> 

Side Note: Don’t ask “how soon do you want to sell your home”, instead ask how soon they want the money. Framing your question this way is a sales technique called future pacing, works like magic.

Once you know how soon the homeowner would like to sell the house. You can begin your listing process accordingly. If you would like to know how to properly list a home to ensure that you get a ton of eyeballs on the property use the link below to set up a free 1-on-1 training on how to properly market your listings.

Nonetheless, if your CMA is way off the homeowner’s asking price, you have two options: Tell the homeowner the best possible price they could get based on your CMA. If he/she likes the price proceed with the “how soon do you want the money” question and close accordingly. Otherwise, tell them to consider lowering their asking price to attract more bids which could potentially drive up the price. If the homeowner refuses to lower the price. Thank them for their time and ask for their permission to contact them again if the market improves. You should probably reach out to them in 6 – 8 weeks to see if they’re willing to lower their price.

Once you get your first listing, you should leverage it to acquire more listings by door knocking surrounding homes to invite them to the open house, using this script:

You: Hi… sorry to bother you this morning/afternoon/evening… my name is <insert your name >, I’m helping your neighbor sell his/her house… and I would like to personally invite you to the open house on <insert date>. There will be food and drinks… lots of people stopping by that might prefer a different floor plan or setup… By the way, for the right price would you consider selling your house? <you should know what to do from here>

This is how you leverage one listing to acquire 2…3…4 additional listings. I hope this script helps you close more deals this year. Practice the script with your friends, it’s not that hard to memorize. Just make sure you don’t change the question – “For the right price would you consider selling your house?”. It works, so don’t try to reinvent the wheel by modifying the question.

If you’re interested in learning other offline and online strategies for filling up your pipeline with leads feel free to message me or visit the link below to set up a quick call with me.

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