How to Double or Triple your Sales

How to Double or Triple your Sales using Time Tested, Proven Winning Strategies that have Generated Billions of Dollars For Amazon, Apple, Macys, Dell, eBay, Netflix, and Victoria’s Secret!!

How to Double or Triple your Sales using Time Tested, Proven Winning Strategies that have Generated Billions of Dollars For Amazon, Apple, Macys, Dell, eBay, Netflix, and Victoria’s Secret!!

Firstly, starting today I want you to start thinking about marketing as a science. Folks like Frederick Taylor, Peter Drucker and Jay Abraham have systemized marketing. Peter Drucker, whose writing laid the groundwork and practical foundations of how to run the modern business corporation, once said, “There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all.” Most businesses fail because they spend their time doing the wrong thing. Regardless of what industry your business operates in, there are only four ways to increase your sales by 25%, 50% or over 100%. Do not over look the strategies I’m about to reveal to you because it has made billions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Netflix, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, DELL Computers, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Macy’s, eBay, Apple, Victoria’s Secret and Oracle. We spend hundreds of hours every month extensively researching and reverse engineering winning marketing campaigns, highly profitable sales funnels, successful advertisements, andas well as reading the latest marketing/sales publications – just to distill the best, and most profitable marketing ideas into practical action steps you can take today to dominate your marketplace. I can say without a doubt that if you follow the strategies below, you will never miss your sales goal again.


The most obvious is the first item, Increase Number of New Clients/Customers. It is the only strategy most businesses focus on when they think of increasing their sales. What they don’t realize is that item numbers 2, 3 & 4 can easily double or triple their sales. If you like Numbers, here is something interesting to ponder on. A 10% increase in items #1, #2 & #3 should lead to a 33% increase in your revenue. Pull your calculator and try to figure out the impact on your revenue if you could increase it by 20% or more?
In case you haven’t read or heard, multi-million dollar businesses like McDonald’s and Burger King rely heavily on items #2 & #3 to boost their sales. Next time you visit a McDonald’s or Burger King you will hear the sales rep ask you: “Do you want anything else to go with… cookie, fries or a drink?” They ask every customer that stops by this question. In case you did not notice, they are getting their customers to spend more money per visit (item #2) every time they ask that question. The extra fries and drink helps these fast food companies boost their sales/profit enormously. If your business is currently doing well, it is because you are implementing one or more of the strategies above.
Sometimes all you need is a road map. Lucky for you, I will hand you the road map to unlimited sales based on the strategies mentioned above. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me – [email protected] Nonetheless, use this report as a quick start guide. I’m currently working on an extended version of this report that encompasses every little aspect and should contain all the information you need to start generating sales like clockwork using the strategies mentioned above.

In order to increase the number of new clients/customers in your business, you will need more leads. Here are a few ways to increase the number of leads in your sales pipe without breaking the bank.

A. Advertise on Inexpensive Channels such as:
 Microsoft Bing Ads – Provides a cheap and reliable way to reach your prospects.
 YouTube – Video Ads are trending and cheap. You should take advantage of this.
 Google Adwords – Provides access to thousands of leads. However, it can be expensive if done incorrectly.
 Craigslist (Free) – If you hate posting Craigslist Ads, you can outsource it for as low as $2/hr.
 Groupon, Living Socials or Amazon Local – Can be very profitable, if done right. You need to optimize your sales process before using this channel.
 LinkedIn Groups (Free)
 Webinars/Workshop – Not suitable for all businesses but can be a very frictionless way of generating more leads.
 Facebook Ads – Is also a great way to access thousands of leads. Similar to Google Adwords, it can be expensive if done incorrectly. However, if done right, it can flood your sales pipeline with a ton of leads.
 Build a fan base on Social media (Free) – If you have time to goof around on social media, it can be a great way to build a fan base of potential customers. The only drawback is the amount of social interaction needed to make this viable.
 Newspaper Ad Placement Agency – You can reach up to 1 million people for only $180. However, before you start placing Ads in these Newspapers, you need to first optimize (strategy #4) your sales process.
 Cold Calling – Everybody hates doing it but it works. You can outsource this for as little as $3/hr.
 Referral System – You need to put in place a viable referral system in your business. Also, don’t forget to remind your customers to share your coupon with their friends and family. Send me an email if you need help building a referral system for your business.
 Press Releases – Great way to introduce your services to your target market.
 Direct mailing – Buy a mailing list from sites like Info-free and NextMark.
 Other low cost Lead Generation techniques: Voice Broadcast, Targeted Flyers, Outsourcing, alliances, and Community Marketing.

Power Tip: If you really want a stress-free work life or want to be able to scale your business easily (without a dramatic increase in the cost of labor), then you seriously need to automate your lead generation process. Nearly all the lead generation channels mentioned above can be automated. This is how multi-million dollar corporations are able to generate and manage millions of leads effortlessly. It’s like having 1,000 Sales Representative working for you around the clock (all year). I highly recommend that you build a full or semi-automated lead generation system. If you need assistance automating your sales process, let me know.

B. How to Increase the Number of Qualified Leads in Your Sales Pipeline:
1. Create an Irresistible Offer that will attract and qualify your ideal customer. For example, Dominos Pizza saw its sales grow rapidly when it first launched its Irresistible Offer: “Fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or less… or it’s free.” You can reverse engineer this Ad for your service/product.
2. Make sure you qualify your lead upfront before stuffing them into your sales pipeline. This will cut down your lead to customer time frame.
3. Hire highly skillful/experience salesmen.
4. Whenever you purchase a mail list from a list broker make sure that the list has been properly scrubbed. This ensures that your list is not filled with junk leads.

• Create complimentary product/service for your core offer, that you can up-sell or down-sell to your customers.
• Bundle your products or service to make your customers feel like they are getting a better deal if they buy the bundle. Software companies use this strategy a lot.
• Make sure that your sales team is recommending add-on products/services. For example, stores like Home Depot and Best Buy sell extended warranties as an add-on for most of their appliances.
• Continuously train your sales team to improving their closing ratio and selling techniques.
• Using point-of-sale promotions. This is how retail outlets like Macys sell extended warranties.
• Increasing your pricing by increasing the perceived value of your product or service.
• Offer customers a discount when they purchase larger units.
Power Tip: Automate the up-sells, down-sells and add-on sales process.

• Run “limited availability” and special events promotions in a timely fashion.
• Run cross-promotions.
• Create more products and services to supplement/augment your existing offers.
• Run automated nurture campaigns to build a personal relationship with your customers. You probably heard that consumers buy from people they Like, Know and Trust; this is what your nurture campaign will help you achieve. Secondly, your nurture campaign will ensure that your customers have you in the back of their mind.
• Run “Discount” Sales promotions monthly or quarterly to attract price-sensitive customers.
Power Tip: Automate all your promotions and nurture campaigns (highly recommended). Running your promotions manually is very difficult, time consuming, inefficient and very expensive.

Optimization is the process of tracking every aspect of your marketing with the sole purpose of lowering the cost of your customer acquisition. In other words, you need to track the response rate on all your offline and online advertisement. This is what separates the average business owner from the strategic business owner. Those that don’t track their marketing activities are blindly navigating the marketplace, and their customer acquisition cost will be high. Tracking and optimizing your marketing campaigns enables you to find what aspect of your marketing is working. Once you know what works, stop paying or doing the marketing activities that don’t work, and concentrate on the ones that work. It is that simple. In order to increase your response rate (and conversion rate) you need to continuously optimize your Ad copy (sales script). The higher your response rate is, the more money you make, and your customer acquisition cost goes down. If you are currently marketing your business online or offline without any tracking system STOP IT. Find someone to help you install a tracking system or send me an email ([email protected]), I will walk you through how to install a customized tracking system for your business.

Last but not least…
You now know the four ways to grow your business exponentially. I highly recommend that you automate part of your marketing activities. Most of the strategies described above can be automated. It doesn’t matter if you are a Dentist, Roofer, Remodeler, Attorney (personal injury, criminal defense, Trust, Real Estate, Family Law (Immigration, Divorce, Foreclosure, etc.), Chiropractor, Cosmetic Surgeon, Lasik Eye Surgeon, Restaurant owner, Mortgage Broker, Public Accountant, HVAC Company, Plumber, Mechanic, Hair Salon, Electrician, Carpet cleaner, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Broker, Car Dealership, Dry Cleaner, or Martial Artist, you should try as much as possible to automate part of your sales process. Automation will lower your cost and help you boost your revenue/sales by up to 300%. There are many reasons to automate your business; here are a few of them:

Reason #1
Automating the process of generating, qualifying and closing leads ensures that you no longer waste your time speaking to tire kickers. It will help you generate far more qualified leads than you can manually.

Reason #2
Freedom – Automating your sales process gives you more time to concentrate on growing your business and more time to spend with your family/friends.

Reason #3
It is a lot easier to scale your business to any size if you automate your sales process.

Reason #4
Automating your sales process ensures that up-sell and down-sell opportunities are never missed.

Reason #5
Harness the power of a 1,000 sales representatives at a fraction of the cost. It will help you boost your marketing without hiring more sales reps.

Reason #6
Automating your sales process will lower your customer acquisition cost, as well as increase your ROI for every penny spent on marketing.
If you need help setting up an automated marketing system, or need further clarification regarding some of the things discussed in this report, feel free to contact me ([email protected]). The most important thing you need to do right now is TAKE ACTION. Start implementing everything you have learned today and do not forget to share your success stories and challenges with me. If you need me to help you come up with practical strategies (applicable to your business) that are based on the four key growth strategies mentioned earlier, complete this >> Online Questionnaire. The questionnaire enables me to learn about your business, so that I can come up with the best sales strategies for your business. I review each questionnaire on a “first come first serve” basis. Thus, complete your questionnaire as soon as you can.
More importantly, you need to be a bit open-minded and willing to try something new in your business. Remember, proper implementation of just one of these four strategies can make a big difference in your income. I wish you all the best. Godspeed!!


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