Email marketing is a way of promoting a business by sending emails to a specific group of people, known as a mailing list.  It is a common marketing strategy for most Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Tesla, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, etc. Email marketing is not limited to Fortune 500 companies, it can also be used by small businesses, bloggers, coaches, and even non-profit organizations.  Email marketing is something that should be seriously considered by business owners, whether you’re looking to generate leads, increase product sales, create awareness for a cause or program, email marketing can help you achieve your objective inexpensively. 

Why Every Business Owner Should Consider Email Marketing?

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, email marketing ensures you always contact interested customers. A mailing list is a group of people who want to hear from you. They already expressed their interest in your products by signing up. The list is also yours, and reaching your audience is as simple as clicking on a button.

There are numerous benefits of using email marketing as a promotional tool for a company. Here are a few of them:

  • By targeting the customer email inbox, a business is more easily able to build a personal relationship with these customers. When a potential customer feels that the business is on their side and seems more human, they are more likely to interact and make purchases.
  • If a business is looking to increase its website traffic, this can be easily achieved by including a link within the email, immediately boosting the amount of hits the website receives. The more relevant clicks the website receives, the more sales are likely to be made.
  • Email marketing gives a company the added bonus of being able to offer their loyal mail list subscribers special deals. If a customer receives an offer which they know cannot be gained through any other means, they are much more likely to take advantage of it.
  • Email marketing enables a business to show off its expertise within the field that it operates. This goes on to build up a trust with the customer since they can have the peace of mind that this business knows what it is talking about. Therefore, when that customer requires the type of service offered by the company, they are more likely to buy from them.
  • One of the major benefits of running an email marketing campaign is that the business has the opportunity to monitor which emails have been opened, which links have been clicked and what has been ignored. This is a great way for a business to then further tailor the emails they send out in order to maximize engagement from the client. If the business can tailor their emails to successfully engage potential customers, sales are more likely to occur.
  • By using a mailing list, the business is constantly feeding the customer information, which will help build up the brand recognition which usually helps the company attract more customers.
  • Email marketing allows a business to put their subscribers into groups (demographic or interest based), this allows them to send more personalized emails. 
  • When a customer who has already subscribed to a business mailing list, if they like what they see they have the ability to share the email with others. This is then likely to lead to more customers and better sales.
  • You can nurture leads and build a solid relationship with your customer base by sending relevant email messages. 
  • It helps you grow your network – through each purchase, each opt-in you will find new people genuinely interested in your products that you can sell to over and over again.
  • A study by Direct Marketing Association was conducted to find out the effectiveness of various types of marketing; Email Marketing was declared the clear winner, with a return of investment of around 41 to 1.
  • You can use it to keep your clients interested when you have to go a long time between releases. For instance, use the emails to tell them what you are working on, pique their interest, even create a hype around the new product you are developing. People are tempted to buy things they are curious about, even if they don’t exactly need them.
  • You can use emails to create new streams of income, such as affiliate marketing. You don’t have to stick to just your products if you don’t want to. Be mindful though and remember to not make every single email about selling something.
  • You can use your emails to test out new ideas. Most entrepreneurs get to the point when they have a new idea but are unsure if their clients would appreciate it. Nobody likes to waste time and market research can be exhausting and expensive. But if you send out emails discussing the new idea and asking for feedback, you’ll have your answers with little effort.
  •  It is a direct communication line between you and your target audience. Sure, you are reaching them, but they can also reach you by hitting the reply button. Use that to your advantage to ask for feedback or content requests.

Now that you understand the value of email marketing, you’re probably wondering what App to use for your email marketing. To make your search easier, here are a few Apps that are easy to use and won’t cost a fortune:

  • Active Campaigns
  • SendGrid
  • Aweber
  • SendInBlue
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
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