Create E-Zines To Maintain Your List

Yet another way to maintain your list of subscribers is to create online newsletters or ezines you freely distribute to your list.

These emails are easy to create and provide your customers with a wealth of important and targeted information. You can either automate the process of sending ezines to your subscribers (which I recommend) or send them out manually on a set schedule.

What benefits will you enjoy by sending out an ezine? The same benefits you might if you were to send a newsletter to your target audience. You can expand your marketing influence and your knowledge as well as your base of subscribers. You can connect with your subscribers on a down-to-earth level so you get to know them better.

This in turn will allow you to offer them products that better serve their needs. The only thing you need to start an ezine is an auto responder and broadcast feature. The broadcast feature allows you to reach out to all subscribers on your list, or just to a select group of subscribers.

There are many sites that allow you to easily create ezine or auto responder messages online and send them to your customers. You can choose from various professional looking templates. One of my favorite places is Here you can create unlimited ezines for all your subscribers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ezines

The advantages of ezines are obvious. You are able to reach out to your subscribers and encourage them to take an active interest in your products and services. You can use your ezine to build trust and loyalty.

However, one disadvantage many people associated with ezines is the work involved in creating an online newsletter. You have to be able to create good content, and that process can be extraordinarily difficult if you are not already a writer, or a writer too busy with other projects. The good news is you can hire someone to create your content for you inexpensively.

There are many contract sites like where freelancers and other professionals post their profiles and bid on projects. You can put your ezine project up for bidding, describing your needs and the content you want, and sit back and watch as dozens of people offer to write your ezine. You will find by going through sites you get very competitive bids, so you will not have to pay too much to create your ezine.

Another way to tackle the content problem is to create as much content as you can in advance. You can for example, create one month’s worth of content and place it in your autoresponder, so in a few days you have prepared all the ezines you need to for an entire month – or even longer if you wish.

Another place to check out for help when creating ezines is Here you will also find independent contractors capable of taking on your writing projects.

How To Choose An Ezine Topic

How do you choose an ezine topic? You should always focus on creating content that is not time sensitive. You want topics that provide universal appeal regardless of the season or time of year. Otherwise someone may receive your autoresponder at the wrong time or place.

Things that work well for ezines include quick and simple tips your subscribers can adopt, mini stories your readers can enjoy and interviews with other professionals in the industry. Think of the kinds of subjects you would enjoy reading if you were to read an online newsletter and go from there. A great way to come up with ideas for content is by brainstorming. Just sit down, get out a piece of paper and create a list of a dozen or more topics you might like to talk about.

When thinking of great topics, look for those that have a solid market and demand. You should look for topics where a demand always exists for the topic. Relationships and dating for example are topics that are always in demand, so you can usually create an ezine or product on this subject and generate good income. You may look for a niche within the primary topic category you select to narrow your focus and your target audience.

You also want to look for topics that will allow you to create a steady stream of affiliate income by promoting the products and services of others. You can endorse products that you are an affiliate for through your ezine and subscriber list and make a lot of extra residual income.