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Top Two Ways To Profit From Your List

Once you start growing your opt-in list, you’ll want to ensure it is profitable. There are many ways to go about doing this. You want to make sure all your hard work is for a good cause, so you have to find ways to profit from your list. There are literally dozens of different methods you can employ to achieve results, but two seem to work better than all others.

The top two ways to profit from your list are also the easiest, so let’s look at them:

1. Build trust and loyalty among your customers. Your customers will not buy […] Read more

Build Your Opt-in List For Free

Let’s review what an opt-in list is: a collection of e-mail addresses you get from people who are interested in your product, and request to join your autoresponder list. This means your autoresponder messages will not be considered spam, and the reputation of your business will help build consumer confidence and increase sales.
Now that you know why you need an opt-in list, let’s talk about how to get one. There are several ways to collect addresses for your opt-in list, and you should institute as many as you can to develop a wide subscriber base.

Free methods: Articles, e-books and mini […] Read more

Convert Cold Prospects Into Paying Customers

You can convert a good portion of your new subscribers, the people that have already opted into your list, into paying customers immediately using one simple technique.

How do you do that? It’s easy. It’s called the “One Time Offer”. What you need to do is create a one time offer sales landing page between your primary landing page and your thank you page. Historically the one time offer deal has generated the most profits in the online industry. How does it work?
Here is how the process actually works. Your customer enters your site on your landing page. Your landing […] Read more

Double Opt-In-Lists – What They Are And How You Can Benefit

In the last segment we talked about creating your mailing and subscriber lists. Now we will focus on a new topic, the double opt-in list.

Double Opt-In Lists Defined

A double opt-in list is nothing more than an email newsletter or ezine that allows people to sign up using your web page or by sending an email to the software that manages your opt in list.

Why is that different from an ordinary opt-in list? The difference is anyone who subscribes through a double opt in list must confirm their request to subscribe to your list twice.

The first time a subscriber […] Read more

Mailing List Building: Learning The Ropes

To build your own mailing list, all you really have to do is learn the ropes, and be willing to put in the time and effort needed to make this work. Let’s talk now about ways you can build your mailing list and subscriber list effortlessly.

How To Design Successful Subscriber Pulling webpages:

You can quickly and easily encourage visitors to turn into subscribers on your website by converting frequently visited web pages on your site into subscriber-pulling pages. These are nothing more than web pages that encourage visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

How can you do that? One way you […] Read more

Spam-Me-Not: Avoiding too much hype

Keep in mind when constructing your messages and building your subscriber list that there are two types of marketing: “cold selling,” or unsolicited e-mail; and opt-in selling. It is highly recommended that you do not engage in cold selling. This is considered spam. If enough people report your address as spam, you will be banned from ISPs and search engines. The occasional sale you see from cold selling will not be enough to compensate for your being blacklisted on the internet.

On the other hand, building an opt-in list is a perfectly acceptable and highly successful method that will keep you […] Read more