Create E-Zines To Maintain Your List

Yet another way to maintain your list of subscribers is to create online newsletters or ezines you freely distribute to your list.

These emails are easy to create and provide your customers with a wealth of important and targeted information. You can either automate the process of sending ezines to your subscribers (which I recommend) or send them out manually on a set schedule.

What benefits will you enjoy by sending out an ezine? The same benefits you might if you were to send a newsletter to your target audience. You can expand your marketing influence and your knowledge as well as […] Read more

Spam filters: Is your message zap-proof?

Just about every e-mail program has built-in spam filters that route unwanted messages to a separate folder, often called a “bulk” folder, whose contents are routinely deleted by either the program or the owner of the account. Following the suggestions above for avoiding spam-type messages will go a long way toward ensuring your autoresponders don’t get diverted to an early grave. Here are more tips on beating spam filters and verification programs:

• Subject line don’ts: Never begin your subject line with ADV: or include the word “advertisement.” Do not state “this e-mail sent in compliance with…” And never use the […] Read more

Simple Ways To Build Your List

To win big, you have to start out small, as Demosthenes suggests. Small opportunities will often lead you to great successes. The process of creating a list leads to the potential for greater success and wealth, regardless of the business you are in. In this section we’ll talk about some simple tools you can use to build your list. Let’s look at each method independently.

Sometimes it is best to rely on simple tools and small opportunities when you are just starting out in the industry. You will have much time to grow your business and expand your customer base if […] Read more

Maintaining Your Opt-In List and Subscribers

In the last section we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of having a double opt-in list. Now that you have a firm idea of how to create a good solid subscriber list, it’s time to talk about maintaining your lists.

Today there is so much competition on the Web, you have to be aggressive and work hard to keep your customers. Fortunately there are many simple and easy tools you can use to maintain your subscriber list. This section will focus on many tools you can use to succeed. Let’s start by reviewing the use of autoresponders as a means […] Read more